Light is right

There has never been more choice than there is now. From TV channels to toppings on a pizza, there seems to be an abundance of options to choose from today. Junior golf equipment is no different in this regard. There are different sizes of heads, different colours of shafts, different lengths of clubs etc. This can get very confusing for parents who are new to golf themselves or just want whatever will give their children the maximum enjoyment from the game.

Many companies who make junior equipment will suggest an age range or a height range for each length of club they do. The problem with this, in my opinion, is that as soon as the child enters a particular range, then a parent will rush out to get them new equipment to fit. The number 1 issue I see with kids who get stuck in this cycle of always looking to change their equipment, is that generally the new equipment will be either too long or too heavy for them. My advice will always be to try and keep children in their equipment for as long as possible, until they acquire the strength needed to use that longer and heavier equipment.

Having equipment that "fits", is no guarantee that the golfer will suddenly start seeing an upturn in results and often it can have the opposite effect. I've lost count of the number of times I have seen parents rush to get their children the latest and best equipment, only to see their child's game suffer and their enjoyment go in the same direction.

Equipment has never and will never be a substitute for skill and ability. It is a well known adage in golf that you cannot buy a good game and nowhere is this more evident than with junior golfers. Take my word for it that if you were to give Tiger Woods golf clubs designed for a child, he would still be able to shoot less than 99.9% of golfers on this planet.

I used the same junior clubs from when I was 5 until I was 12 and occasionally practiced with them when I was an adult in my garage. Turned out okay for me and I'm sure your kids will be the same. Save that money you will spend on changing their equipment every 2/3 years and spend it on fuel to bring them to the course to play. Their games and their smiles with thank you for it.

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